Which Netjer Are You Drawn To?

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Ankh Iset
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Which Netjer Are You Drawn To?

As you all know, my association with Kemetic religion came through a long and continually growing attraction and relationship with Aset and Nebthet.

It is my observation that people seeking a Kemetic path have often, if not usually, been drawn to specific Nejter. Inevitably, it seems, when they pursue an assocication with that Netjer, they gravitate towards a Kemetic form of connections and expression.

Would you share here the Netjer you have most been drawn to, and how / why you think that is?

Egyptian Religion
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Hmm, I would say that I have

Hmm, I would say that I have been drawn to different Netjer at different times. Some of my favorites that I have been drawn to in the past are Nebthet,Anpu (Yinepu,Anubis - there are quite a few different way to say this name), Khonsu, and sometimes Bast. But more often than not, I seem to have a more of a pull specifically towards the Aten and Ma'at these days. ( Not quite sure why that is yet,I'm still working on it. I've got some ideas,but nothing really concrete yet.)

Crystal Woolf
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I have

My patron God is Tjehutji (Thoth), mainly because I've been working on a dense anthology of Egyptian Literature based entirely off of primary sources. I've worked on it over two years now and I've had Him guide me and assist me in staying as true to the original content as is humanly possible at this point in history.
Aside from that project, I have embraced the entire pantheon but have been gravitating towards the relationship between the Gods of the first time, including Atum, Re, Neith, and Sobek's birth. More because i know little about Neith, the birth of Sobek, and how she carried her child Re away from her other children that wished to harm him (including Apep). I've found a few allusions in my primary sources but nothing too concrete yet. Perhaps I'll never find it, but it's the journey that counts.

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I have been most intrigued by

I have been most intrigued by Khepera or Khepri or how I spell it KhepeRa. The beginning of the universe has probably attracted every creature in the universe and I am no different. When I hear the different translations of it I continue to break down how the mastery of the words describes what modern scientist have just figured out in recent times. When Khepera explains: ""I am he who came into being in the form of the god Khepera, and I am the creator of that which came into being, that is to say, I am the creator of everything which came into being: now the things which I created," and "I myself raised them up from out of Nu, from a state of helpless inertness." The Nu or dark matter and dark energy are looked upon in these statements and he goes on to say how he formed them out of the matter etc... It got me and I'm stuck to it. I also remember reading about Ausar (Osiris), and how some of the people who were witnessing the plays that they would perform in his honor years after his passing, would become emotional. They say when Heru (Horus) would fight off Typhoon's (Set) men as they would rush to the boat people in the audience would get so emotional they would fight with them and sometimes injure another actor. Incredible. Some of these same sentiments can be seen when muslims protested against the making of the movie called "The Prophet". You can see some of these feelings expressed in other religions and the lover for what they believe in.

My two cents.

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The Ones I Honour

Before I considered myself Kemetic I knew that I had a connection with Sekhmet. Everything about her is so lovely and invites you in, and she feels so familiar to me. Bastet also shows up in my life. She gives me strength and confidence when it comes to my relationship and musical studies. Yienpu is dear to me. Aside from always liking him, similar to the bond I have with Sekhmet, it feels less strong. Almost like he is someone I keep meeting in odd places- you know them and you like them but you wouldn't have them round for tea. Isis feels like a mother to me, metaphorically. I get a strong sense of "it's okay" from her.

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